Revolver wouldn't remain the Beatles' most ambitious LP for long, but many fans--including this one--remember it as their best. An object lesson in fitting great songwriting into experimental production and genre play, this is also a record whose influence extends far beyond mere they-was-the-greatest cheerleading. Putting McCartney's more traditionally melodic "Here, There and Everywhere" and "For No One" alongside Lennon's direct-hit sneering ("Dr. Robert") and dreamscapes ("I'm Only Sleeping," "Tomorrow Never Knows") and Harrison's peaking wit ("Taxman") was as conceptually brilliant as anything Sgt. Pepper attempted, and more subtly fulfilling. A must. --Rickey Wright

Side A (LP)
1. Taxman Harrison
2. Eleanor Rigby Lennon/McCartney
3. I'm Only Sleeping Lennon/McCartney
4. Love You To Harrison
5. Here, There, And Everywhere Lennon/McCartney
6. Yellow Submarine Lennon/McCartney
7. She Said, She Said Lennon/McCartney
Side B (LP)
8. Good Day Sunshine Lennon/McCartney
9. And Your Bird Can Sing Lennon/McCartney
10. For No One Lennon/McCartney
11. Doctor Robert Lennon/McCartney
12. I Want To Tell You Harrison
13. Got To Get You Into My Life Lennon/McCartney
14. Tomorrow Never Knows Lennon/McCartney
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