The album feels even more like a collection of singles (instead of an actual movie soundtrack) than Help! or A Hard Day's Night, but maybe that's because every song sounds like it could have been a hit single--with the natural exception of the goofy/weird instrumental "Flying." Even George's "Blue Jay Way" paints a vivid sound-portrait in fascinating detail. (I consider Joni Mitchell's "Car on the Hill" from Court and Spark to be a companion piece about sitting in the Hollywood Hills, waiting for somebody to show up.) And although the goofy TV movie may have been mostly Paul's baby, this album features the two 45 rpm masterpieces that sum up the quintessential best of Lennon and McCartney at this stage of their development: Paul's "Penny Lane" and John's "I Am the Walrus." --Jim Emerson

Side A (LP)
1. Magical Mystery Tour Lennon/McCartney
2. The Fool On The Hill Lennon/McCartney
3. Flying Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starr
4. Blue Jay Way Harrison
5. Your Mother Should Know Lennon/McCartney
Side B (LP)
6. I Am The Walrus Lennon/McCartney
7. Hello Goodbye Lennon/McCartney
8. Strawberry Fields Forever Lennon/McCartney
9. Penny Lane Lennon/McCartney
10. Baby You're A Rich Man Lennon/McCartney
11. All You Need Is Love Lennon/McCartney
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