The most dashed-off of the Beatles' records, Yellow Submarine doesn't have much to it: the goofy title track and "All You Need Is Love" are reprised from earlier discs, George Martin's trifle of a score to the animated Submarine feature takes up the second half, and that leaves just four relatively insubstantial new tracks. The Beatles' throwaways are anyone else's classics, though: "Hey Bulldog," the last song Lennon and McCartney wrote in full collaboration, has the instinctive urgency of their best work, Paul's singalong "All Together Now" is awfully cute, and more than one band has dedicated its career to trying to replicate what George's guitars are doing on his dazed, pulsing "It's All Too Much." --Douglas Wolk

Side A (LP)
1. Yellow Submarine Lennon/McCartney
2. Only A Northern Song Harrison
3. All Together Now Lennon/McCartney
4. Hey Bulldog Lennon/McCartney
5. It's All Too Much Harrison
6. All You Need Is Love Lennon/McCartney
Side B (LP)
7. Pepperland Martin
8. Sea of Time & Sea of Holes Martin
9. March of the Meanies Martin
10. Pepperland Laid Waste Martin
11. Yellow Submarine in Pepperland Martin
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