Sloppy in conception, and even sometimes in the playing, Let It Be often gets a bad rap. Unfairly, as it's often as charming, well written, and (oh yeah) rocking as the Beatles' "better" albums; it's also more outright fun than Abbey Road, the masterpiece it followed into the stores. With Lennon and McCartney working together on the perfect "I've Got a Feeling," "Two of Us," and "Dig a Pony," it's hard to believe these guys were about to implode. --Rickey Wright

Side A (LP)
1. Two Of Us Lennon/McCartney
2. Dig A Pony Lennon/McCartney
3. Across The Universe Lennon/McCartney
4. I Me Mine Harrison
5. Dig It Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey
6. Let It Be Lennon/McCartney
7. Maggie Mae Lennon/McCartney
Side B (LP)
8. I've Got A Feeling Lennon/McCartney
9. One After 909 Lennon/McCartney
10. The Long And Winding Road Lennon/McCartney
11. For You Blue Harrison
12. Get Back Lennon/McCartney
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