The legendary stylist Vidal Sassoon was born on the 17th of January in 1928. At the age of 14 Vidal Sassoon became an apprentice of a barber. Being an apprentice he was constantly mastering his skills. Beverly Sassoon said the following about her husband: "Paradoxical combination of passion and calculation. The main thing that I learned from him is his unbelievable dedication. He can formulate a big goal which goes beyond his life time, designed for generations". Vidal Sassoon became famous in the history of fashion thanks to his creation of geometric haircuts. This new "discovery" gave Sassoon a new title - "Edison of the hairstyle art". The formula of Vidal Sassoon "cut, wash, and wear" completely changed the notion of the hairstyle art and the modern esthetics in general.
Vidal Sassoon became the first image-maker in the history of fashion. Several years after opening his first salon, Vidal Sassoon "brought to the world" a small hair drier, which became an important tool of every salon in the world. All over the world the company Vidal Sassoon is seen as the most successful and promising. The schools founded by Vidal Sassoon are the most popular in the world. The products of Vidal Sassoon are always the best selling on the market. The fundamental philosophy of Vidal Sassoon consists of sharing the skills, experience, and ideas.